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A Luxurious Vacation in Grande Provence Heritage Wine Estate

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Wouldn’t it be nice to dine with your special someone on a restaurant garden under the trellis and surrounded by lush vines? Sweep her off her feet and take her to the exquisite Grand Provence in South Africa, owned by Alex van Heeren. Tucked away in the heart of the Franschhoek Valley in the Western Cape Province, this heritage wine estate provides world-class accommodations second to none in the region.

Alex van Heeren’s Grande Provence is your ultimate destination if you are looking to combine pleasure and relaxation with adventure and inspiration. You will have your very own cottage that reflects the grandeur of ancient times and luxury of the modern age. It is just so easy to instantly warm up to the sights and sounds and texture of the cottage facilities here.

Explore the area and immerse yourself with all the beauty and opulence of Alex van Heeren’s Grande Provence. Calm frayed nerves by indulging in some facial or body treatment right inside your deluxe suite. Or you can rejuvenate all your senses by obliging in a relaxing massage by the pool. If you want to, you can also request for a yoga or Pilates class too. All these and more are available within your arm’s reach. All you have to do is just give in to the wonderful sensations of your ultimate getaway in the Franschhoek Valley.

The Franschhoek Valley is one of the oldest towns in South Africa and is home to the finest wineries that are comparable to world standard. For wine connoisseur, it is a paradise haven because one can engage in wine tasting tours all day long and never get tired of sampling the best South African wines from various boutique wineries.

Sip on wine paired with luscious chocolate or some homemade charcuterie. Let your adventurous side rule the day and go hiking or paragliding. Try horseback riding or golfing. Have some special cappuccino and freshly baked bread for a late breakfast. Treat yourself with the best gelato in your afternoon walk amidst the flowering trail of the property. And when you can do these things over and over again, what more can you ask for in your holiday vacation in Alex van Heeren’s Grande Provence?

The Adventure of the Swiss Family Robinson, Without the Work

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The appeal of the Swiss Family Robinson’s experience only grows as we plunge deeper into a highly technological age. What parent wouldn’t want to tear his child away from the Xbox to see how he would manage on a primitive island in the South Pacific? What mother has not wanted to lure her daughter away from her iPhone for a couple of hours, or days, or weeks to actually work as part of the family unit in order to survive, like the characters in Wyss’ classic book.

Fortunately, you can snatch your children away from their wired worlds to experience nature in a pristine setting, much like the characters on the ’90s television series, which was filmed in Fiji. Not far from where the Swiss Family Robinson set up camp and carved a life out for themselves in the TV drama, you can take your son snorkeling or your daughter kayaking or simply go for a family swim on the famed white sands of Fiji’s beaches. Numerous resorts dot the 322 islands that comprise Fiji, but for a truly exceptional experience, having an island practically to yourselves would be hard to beat.

It’s possible through the accommodations at Dolphin Island, owned by Alex van Heeren as part of the famed Huka Retreats chain. Mr van Heeren himself used to use the island as a getaway for his children (no word on whether they’ve abandoned video games or iPhones permanently) and his current staff remains from those days to warmly welcome guests in the traditional hospitable style of Fiji.

The 13 acres of island, all for you and just a few other guests, wait to be enjoyed . You won’t have to build your own shelter, make your own clothes or ward off pesky intruders. The serene setting of Dolphin Island can provide a stark contrast to today’s plugged-in world. Wyss would approve, and you will, too.