The Best Racing Car Toys For Young and Old Fanatics This Christmas

The best racing car toys are on the wish lists of car fans young and old this year. Racing car toys are one of those aspects of the toy industry that seems to have always been around. Whether they are toys from films, TV shows, sports stars, games or books, racing cars have long since been one of the most popular toys around. There are racing car toys available from all of the big names in the field, as well some great new additions to the range of exciting cars.

For example, Hot Wheels fans would love the Hot Wheels Indy Racing League 1:24 Dario Franchetti Car or the Hot Wheels Indy Racing League 1:24 Tony Kanaan Car, both excellent scale models of famous cars from the tracks of the world.

For fans of slot car racing there are some excellent sets to choose from, such as the Carrera Evolution Pretty Racing Slot Car Set, which has everything you need to enjoy this great hobby. Then there is the Life Like Ford Mustang Challenge set, featuring the iconic Mustang cars to enjoy. Other options for those who want a full Slot Car racing set to use include the Speed Machines T1 race set, which contains the cars, the track and the controllers to get fans revved up.

One of the best selling sets is the 4-Lane International Super Challenge, including 27 feet of race track along with everything else you need! For younger fans, how about the Shake ‘N Go Crash-Ups Crash Course, which allows two Crash Up cars to race each other on a course you can create yourself! A great example of a classic racing car toy set is the Darda Create-A-Course Building System, including two high speed cars to race on the courses you build from the 30 piece set.

For fans of racing car toys based on film and TV hits, there is, as ever, a great range of toys to be found this year. Two ideal examples are the Carrera USA Go, Disney Cars “Lightning McQueen” Race Car from the hit ‘Cars’ movie or the Carrera Go Batman: Batmobile Hyperdrive car toy. These are just some of the great racing car toys that are on the market this year, and there are many more besides. While these are the best sellers and most wanted racing car toys right now, there are any number of superbly made model kits and high-end collectibles that would also make awesome Christmas gifts. Start your engines!

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