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06:45 AM
08 August 2009
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Fine after-notes

Posted By radhika

Wines are like people. Some are peppery and some are fruity. All of them leave a unique flavor behind.  As we held our glasses and sipped our wines, we were reminded of the people we left behind at the auditions.

6 wines that reminded us of you.

The Sauvignon Blanc, a dry white with its aromatic, crisp and with hints of green peppers and spice was Charu at her best especially at the dinner table when an unsuspecting Bharath would get teeny doses of her ’ peppers and spice’

Vamsi was most definitely the Chenin Blanc with a ‘light, fresh, fruity character’, a semi-dry white, our aperitif to every meal.

Pavitra breezing through the room reminded us of the Rose Zinfandel, a fruity mix of red and white abounding with aromas of honeysuckle and fresh strawberries.

Cabernet Shiraz, a smooth, medium-bodied red wine was most definitely Harry with peppery notes and nuances of oak. This deep purple wine has great balance and a lingering finish.

Sitting there all mellow with surprisingly well timed and sharp witted comments, Ramesh was the Reserve Shiraz, a fragrant, elegant and smooth red, with surprising berry flavors and silky tannins.

And then we had the late harvest chenin blanc and looked at each other and said ‘most definitely Gaurav’.With aromas of lemon, pear, honey, and tropical fruit, this dessert wine couldn’t be compared to anyone else..

P.S- They let us taste only 6 wines!!!!
P.P.S- Bharath on redbull is like a cat on a hot tin roof, reminding me of Rooshad. Didn’t need any wine there, did we?

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Passing through the Panna Forest Reserve..stopped on a bridge..

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Heading from Khajuraho to Varanasi..

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Sitting at Raja Cafe having a European thali.. :)

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Back at the hotel after seeing the absolutely stunning temples of Khajuraho.

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