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01:46 AM
05 August 2009
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Hungry kyaa? Vada pav Khaane kaa!! Mumbai without Vada pav ... NOT happening !!

Posted By Pavithra

I have never been a fan of Vada pav , but after eating at Anand stall at Ville parle today i’d do anything for Vada pav!! Even take to doing it for a living because Rajaram who runs the stall claims he sells 500 to 600 pav’s a day! Boy , that is some earning at a cost of around Rs.12 per pav! Anand is located right outside NMIMS College, Ville parle. Open from 07:30 A.M. to 23 :00 P.M. It serves a vast array of dishes on the menu that include dosas , sandwiches etc apart from the most famous and sought after Vada pav.The menu also boasts Shabana Azmi’s photo on it considering she is a regular at this joint , not to forget Vivek Oberoi who also happens to be Rajaram’s favourite bollywood actor.People from all over the city flock to this little charming eatery that has been running successfully for over thirty years now .. Rajaram however is completely unaffected by his success and bustles about personally sserving his customers.

OOps did i also tell you that Anand stall has won the first runner up award from the Bombay Times for the best Vada pav in the Pow Wow contest ??

A MUST try !



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