We are the best candidates because..

I guess it’d be because we totally dislike the thought of constraining itineraries / departures / bookings and therefore avoid other modes of travel as much as possible. We love the flexibility of “stop when you are tired”, impromptu detours, smelling the fresh air on the open roads, seeing the real India in the small villages and towns, interacting with the local populace etc.. Coupled with this is our love for adventure both of which is what I guess this challenge is also all about. At the risk of using one more cliché - For us it’s the journey that counts and not the destination. Though not a professional photographer (unlike my Dad who was a cinematographer) I guess I can do fairly good justice for images that count and I'm confident that the travel blog we create will ensure the 1st place for us. We're also planning to buy a helmet camera which should get us some exciting shots from the driver's perspective.