We are the best candidates because..

"That's a new road lets go there and find out what lies ahead", this seems to be our mantra most of the time. I propose and Vidushi seconds the thought almost at the blink of an eyelid. Finding new Roads and discovering a city through its roads sounds exciting to us. Have done that with most of the cities I have had a chance to drive around. Its like a self discovery. We went to Goa on our Honeymoon and were not impressed with the city until we actually got a chance to drive around and by Joe we visited more places in 2 days that the tour had planned in 4. Thats the power of hitting the road on your own. We completely understand this power and want to use this great opportunity to discover places, people, cultures, food, transport, flora and fauna in a 10 day trip. The second reason for wanting to a part of this is that the sheer thought of going on a drive is exciting to me. Well its true for most of us in this forum. Otherwise we would not have been here in the first place. Driving is sheer pleasure in its own right however it becomes irrestible when you have someone paying your bills along the way. Is it not? I know you'd agree. I mean why not? There are three criterions for this contest and I would try to evaluate ourselves on them and let you figure why not? Photography skills, I would rate them above average as I am proud of the object photos and some of the portraits that I have done. Have a decent sense of using lights and can click memorable moments. That's what we want here right. Travelouges/blogs, I believe I am a story teller (people around me say that) and Vidushi seems to be good with the special effects to be out in one. I use poetry for my blogs and that is definitely a unique way to expres experiences. Travelling enthusiam, we have loads of it and would agree a lot of people here have the same. We believe to have that extra aprk in us. I mean who would want to travel 100 km roundtrip to work daily just because he gets to drive. I am the one. Come vote for us and see our potential. VOTE NOW :)