Our Travelogue

We have travelled in India ranging from Himachal in the North to Kanyakumari in the South........not to forget mentioning our ohh so often trips to Chikmagalur .........every now & then.....rain or shine!!!! Sandy travels a lot on both work and pleasure.here goes - The dry neverending sand dunes of Dubai , 500 miles through cold n chilly Italy and 200 miles through the humid climes of Thailand are some other memorable trips.......the thrill of travelling in dubai is that you drive at such amazing speeds...it really gives u a high... We remember one of our trips in the western ghats through sheets of unending rains and we went further , only to discover we were in the middle of a hailstorm.......the hailstones were falling fast and furious on the windsheild !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we have done a trip to maldives and believe ne its amazingly beautiful,especially the water....innumerable trips to bandipur and Ooty, not to forget our last year's 10 day vacation to Himachal with friends,we flew from blore to delhi and then drove from delhi to kulu and manali,cud not go to leh,coz it had begun snowing. there was also this impromptu road trip to hampi in the peak of summer this year-march 09 to be precise,luckily for us ,we did experience the scorching sun as well as the sudden summer drizzles...............the ruins really are a strong reminder of our glorious past. also trips to various parts of kerala like waynad,cochin,kumarakoam( my favorite housebaoat)the tree houses in kumarakoam....gods own ountry is truly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!everything from the food,the wildlife,the massages,the culture....a complete package actually.