We are the best candidates because..

When we read about this challenge, we both instantly knew that this was tailor-made for us!! And even before we knew, we were onto our laptop registering ourselves for it!! And now we just can't wait for the real challenge to begin....for us to hit the road yet again and show everyone what it takes to be a freaky traveller!! For us travel means fun, thrill and above all adventure..and it is for this adventurous streak in us that we feel we fit the bill so well!!. Having travelled across the globe, we both love being behind the wheel, completely in control, zipping though the never ending roads, in sync with nature..this is what bliss means to us. When we stayed in London after we got married, we travelled across UK in our Alpha Romeo. If i drove at maddening speed, Swaati would still make me stop for some photography..some exploring..and that how we both complemented each other and have ever since nurtured this love for driving together!! We are sure that we will rock this challenge as well !! We are the best candidates because we feel this opportunity has to be used by showing everyone what beauty and variety lies in our country.