Our Travel Plan

Mumbai - Surat - Ahmedabad - Jodhpur - New Delhi - Agra - Gwalior - Indore - Nasik - Mumbai India being a giant nation geographically, 3000 kns are not enough to see even one fourth of it. So we thought of the 2 most important cities. To see India, one has to see Delhi and Mumbai and then there are small and large cities in between. The deserts, The Taj Mahal and what not. So here we come. The reason we want to take this route is, it will give us all kind of terrains to enjoy the 10 day drive. From the newly built highways of Jodhpur - New Delhi to the roads through the deserts from Ahmedabad to Jodhpur. This route is chosen, so that we also visit a lot of places we haven't been to, like: Ahmedabad, Nasik.