Our Introduction

Hi! Amrita and I are from Noida. We are quite unlike each other… She’ll sniff life out of a fly that falls into her tea cup… (In her terminology it’s called savings)…I simply purchase thirty-six new cups. She can make anything look beautiful with her creativity, I cannot think beyond duh *&^?!! …she finds it easier to look for clothes when they are everywhere except in the cupboard; my kerchiefs have two neat folds - 6cm*6cm...And you’ll find them in the second drawer from the right….she is a hummingbird, I am better known as an undertaker. I relentlessly pursued this “chirpie birdie” “firebrand” from the time we met at the SSB interviews in 2000 and in a single brush of masterstroke, got her to marry me in ’04 (Yes, that SINGLE stroke took four years)…its my greatest achievement…I outperformed myself. During our stint in the army, amrita broke loose…and bones, while she Para-glided. She also mixed spirituality with adventure while rafting and drinking the holy waters of the river Ganga, at Rishikesh… I slept over a desert safari, rode my bike across states, went trekking, etc..etc (yawwwn…the usual stuff)…. She is now with an IT company…as the (Dreaded) HR Manager & I while away my time as a supply chain manager with a retail company…(thank you Asif!!) We have a sixteen month old daughter, Anahita, who cannot frame complete sentences… but try getting her out of the car at your own risk. We are here to carry forward our love for adventure and thrill to a new high!! SO PLEEZ VOTE FOR US !!