We are the best candidates because..

...Nidhi is a very interesting person to follow up on. Sometimes she's got more guts and can go completely nuts in most given situation than me. She is fun, crazy and sensible when i'm not and it just works as a perfect balance to our eccentricities. Together she is always game into any unfamiliar territory be it from terrain, travel, food or even monkey tricks. With our unconventional inhibitions she fuels the wild fire that we seem to do a lot of things that most people would sit back and wonder about. ... And me.... I hope this doesn't have a word count limitation or something. I am a highway Nut! I have been driving for about 14years now and i have more than a 1,20,000kms for feathers in my cap. I can drive a minimum of 600kms in a day or night without rest, and i love highway driving because it is one of the best things i do which most people who know me can vouch for. I love life with a passion... good, bad, sad or hard it doesnt matter. We live one day at a time and make the best out of it. We promise you a follow-up you would never regret your vote/preference or even a prayer for. And to conclude, we have one motto... Its not the meaning of Life, its the Feeling of Life and to 'Us'... Life is Beautiful!