We are the best candidates because..

We are 100%........Best is actually a relative and slightly trivial way of saying it.....Travellers for our own sake.... the only competition comes from within us.Thats what makes anybody best-Us for instance ..Since,its not a rally,there is nowhere to reach,no pace to comply ,no screeching spins and dustclouds,why not give our viewers a sneak peek at a good holiday with us...Most of whom would have just loved to join and much less,The ones who are in it,thinking its a game...No....its just Play...AN we are gonna have a blast,which is a hallmark to our travel diaries and fotoframes...(I was just possessive,so I nevr clicked....besides a 25 kg rucksack,a DSLR and then balancing on One leg to give ur fellow a pass...Thoda mushkil padta hai yaar!!) Why is Great Driving Challenge - our thing……..It lets you digress from topic and trail decently....and that too, along with a car, camera and a caliber partner ..We have a self professed love for all of that of various degrees ,climaxing at different time intervals….Time to get the act together, eh!?! heck,before asking NAysa,I asked the stranger at the next tread mill, where I was panting ,visualizing ,speculating and doubting my glory at K2.(Mt. KARAKORAM for the non-“buddhas” of trek-topography……Mt Everest is not my thing……the name itself is all about being slouch and droopy shouldered, …EVER-REST........Coz sometimes,even the Top most ,isnt as much Fun... Thanks Naysa....We are evenly matched,so its gonna be the best duo