Our Introduction

We met in 1994 in Kirori Mal College on the stage, and it took us as long as 10 years to get married in 2003. Smita works for ZEE as 'Asst VP - Marketing' convincing and driving people to watch Zee TV and Zee Cinema channels (blame her for all the soaps please) while I keyboard my way through the Adobe Photoshop to make a living, acting as a Sr. Manager in the software development group at Adobe. When we are not in office, we can be found doing travel or around theatre. We like to travel and drive , we prefer to avoid night driving so our driving hours start from 4 in the morning and go till 9 in the evening, same day. Our 4 year old daughter has started to question our sense our humor, but thankfully shows traits and temperament of a 'ghumakkar'.