Our Introduction

Amit Singh ( read: the tranquility of the Himalayas) Jasleen Chopra (read: the effervescence of the Ganges) In the little journey of knowing us better that we are about to take you through, we hope to give you a reason to hook on to us. An economist in the usage of words, oxymoronic in his scribbles, an anarchist when it comes to faith, someone with a contagious determination and willing to dive into the sea of thoughts at any given point...this is Amit. This Dehradun guy gets super kicked to see new places. With a keen interest in photography & observations he always seems to have a new muse. Travel albeit has remained a constant. Jasleen.....a chatterbox, is happy with whatever comes her way. Driven purely by impulse, sees beauty in most everything, loves to meet varied people & wants to seek new spiritual planes. This Shimla girl knows the world better than she knows herself, has tried different forms of meditation & feels travel works the best for her. Not the most perfect match to be, but bound together by LOVE & WANDERLUST. An urge to explore the world & the ability of seeing the same landscape with a different perspective, more than make up for any imperfections. Brought together by fate on the campus of a design institute and the trails of madness led to a decade of friendship before getting into the eternal vows of marriage. Amit , the design head of Spykar Jeans & Jasleen a senior designer at Globus Stores, both making a life together in Bombay now for about eight years. Always taking short trips here and there, less to break away from the job more to explore & get inspired by small nuances- visual, culinary & cultural.