Our Introduction

Hello everyone..Greetings from Rahul And Ritu.We are Ritu aka Ritz and Rahul.I am Dr Ritu Gupta,a dentist by profession and practicing in my own clinic in Chhattisgarh,giving people a sparkle to their smiles.And my sparkle is my best friend Rahul Sharma who is an MBA in marketing from Pune and works as Area Manager at Info edge Nagpur.We met 3 years back,started talking,our wavelength matched and now we are the best buddies on the planet and we believe in enjoying each and every moment of life.Our motive of life is "no life if no risk".We love accepting challenges and we have guts to do anything.Riding Heavy Metal Dream Machine (HMDM) is Rahul's passion,its his Thunderbird and i am the best co-rider one can get ever.Never raced or participated in any rally but drove 1000s of kilometers just to enjoy the Nature and explore the world. I feel safest when Rahul Drives his car, the most comfortable, safe and interesting Journey. We love to travel and explore new places. We love Psychedelic Trance and Rock & can't live off it. The Journey is never interesting without Music.. Loud and rocking. Our every kilometer is dedicated to all the ROCKING ROCK BANDS and trance...My passion is all kind of dances...I can dance 24*7...we both love to head bang on Pantera and Metallica and never leave a live show. We love to capture the world into our camera..we make the picture more beautiful ...Full of energy,full of excitement ,full of enthusiasm we make sure that time doesnt beat our speed.We make the difference,we do it differently,we challenge the world,we dare to accept it,we hate to give up,we love to get it,we believe in God ,we make our destiny...THIS IS HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES. Guys..give us another chance to prove it...vote for us ..and we make sure ..we wont let you down... Wishing Happiness For All Ritz & Rahul..Cheers..