Our Travelogue

we have traveled almost every place in India... and other than this we have seen Singapore and Nepal..the most beautiful place in india we found was Manali.and other places which we traveled are Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, mysore, ooty, kodaikanal, rameshwaram, tirupati, jaipur and many more known and unknown places...have driven 1000s of kilometers...loved to see India at its best....our visit to Singapore was awesome..its actually a man made beauty...we enjoyed river rafting in Nepal and loved to enjoy casino..bungee jumping was the most exciting experience at china border..south india is a lovely place especially those hill stations like kodaikanal and ooty...we love places having sea beaches..hills ,mountain...and now we are ready to explore rest of the world through this challenge...and we will make sure that this trip will be going to be one of the most exciting trips of our life..