Our Introduction

We are both smitten by the beauty of nature and its wilderness. The sublime ecstacy that consumes you as you are out of the concrete landscapes is what make the life a treasure. We feel we are one with the free birds, the everchanging scenes, and all the life around us... Road trips are really special for us; our honeymoon involved driving from the tip of New Zealand’s North Island to South Island. We just landed with a self drive car hired, first night booked in a romantic beach resort, a road map of this wonderful country and our passion to take us through what remains an incredible epitome of our togetherness… We are from Bangalore and we have a 20 month old daughter who can surely charm you too if she ever gets a chance... While our professions and personalities are diverse, our love to travel and explore new things binds us together. We enjoy seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing new tastes, cultures and thinking. We have treasured these memories in form of pictures, mails and now slowly converting them into travelogues that we intend sharing with the world. We truly believe that by sharing these with our friends and family, we bring to them the beautiful world as we experience it and for us it feels like going through the experience one more time.