We are the best candidates because..

Really can't explain why, but We are really crazy about driving and Traveling. Visuality is always easy and fastest way to understand. Please copy the link : http://picasaweb.google.com/ppradip.com have a quick look, We drive 500 KM just to have Dinner, 400 KM to have Chat puri. @_@, sounds crazy, but really We love to drive a lot. Not only we drive in ROAD, we do go for Desert and Mountain drivings. Out door Campings and a lot more activities. We don't do plan for travel, just on our way we fix mind to tour 3600 KM road/off road. We have been all all all all the roads in UAE and OMAN (2 country). - Private, Public and restricted roads traveled by us. sometime it sounds too crazy. You can find few album @ following : http://www.uaebuddy.com/foto