Our Introduction

We are Gaurav and Shilpi Bhatia from Gurgaon,working for a German Software company called "SAP Labs India" as a Manager and Senior Consultant Respectively. This intro is drafted by me(shilpi). We love travelling and believe in covering atleast 4 to 5 destinations in a year(as this is the max we can do being in a proffesion where long leaves is not that easy). We met at work and fell in love within a month and decided to name this relation as "MARRIAGE"....so far very happily married and have a 10 month old baby girl "Gargi". After baby life and priorities have changed but still we cant change our likings towards travelling and just cannot miss this opportunity to unviel the adventure of driving for long good days.. About Gaurav: Funloving,always ready to go for a vacation ,enthusiastic...focussed,Achiever About Shilpi : Ahhhh umhmmmm how can i write about myself ,will give a small try: Ambitious,organised,passion for interior,bold,extrovert nd blah blah blah...the list will go on and on and on... will come up with more in some time