Our Introduction

Hello everyone, I am Sangram Singh Purohit aged 22 from Mumbai. I am a Graduate and also a STUDENT PILOT. I love to Travel, Swim, Cycle, Drive, Fly ,Trek Mountains & simply hang out with friends. Unlike everyone else my partner is not my wife....nor my girl friend....but what sets us apart is that we share a relationship which is way deeper than that......she is my "MOTHER"!! She (Rajshree Purohit) is a Housewife from Mumbai. She is quite passionate about Traveling, listening to music, cooking and is a hardcore nature lover. I think that we deserve your votes and responses because we are the only MOTHER-AND-SON couple participating in the challenge. So what really separates us from the rest is that we are a refreshing blend of the experience and youthful craziness with a common passion for traveling