Our Introduction

Hello to all I am Amit, an entrepreneur, hailing from Meerut, a city near Delhi. Driving is my passion, in fact passion for everybody in my family. We prefer traveling by road, distance doesn’t matter be it small or long we cover it by ease. My partner is my elder sister Reena Tyagi, she is a home-maker at present and a Mumbaikar. We have traveled in all types of weathers with ease. We have been a part of the Raid de Himalayas (Twice) and Desert Storm. We have traveled almost whole of India by road. We have been driving for nearly 20 years. Everybody in our family loves traveling and driving. We have covered unimaginable distances by road. Both of us are very fond of Nature and never give up a chance to be near it and explore the natural beauty God has given our planet. Nor do we give up a chance to capture it in our cameras.