Our Travelogue

Namita: Trekking and travelling means the world to me. My travel adventures include trekking to mountains, forests, beaches, deserts and unexplored islands. I mostly travel for activities like mountaneering, rappelling, river crossing and other adventure sports. All this started much before I was able to acknowledge my interest for travelling. I have trekked in the arabian deserts as a kid and the grand himalayas as a young mountaineer. I have trekked in the Dauldhar, Spiti and Kumbhu range of himalayas. In order to fullfill my thirst for adventure I plan my travel all by myself and invite all my friends to join me (the more the merrier). My latest adventure was a trek to the Everest Base Camp, South Cole, Nepal. This trek was obviously one of the best places I have ever been to. The kumbhu range of himalayas where the everest is located is in true sense god's own abode. Truly speaking all the sweat and hard work payed off; the journey on foot was equally pleasing and scenic as was the final destination: Foot of the highest mountain of the world, Mt Everest. Vicky: Right from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra have been the places where I can easily connect with. Our feet not only connect the road well, but essentially it is the heart of people and the core cultural heritage which lies intact in my heart. My most memorable journey 1000 Km in 27 hrs was from Pune to Mysore on Bike. The travelouge has taken the form of a book, which I would be publishing soon.