Our Introduction

We met each other at a Horse riding summer camp at BARI, Bangalore. Several common interests like travel, adventure sports, trekking and driving have kept us in touch. Our goal is to enjoy and experience everything that life has to offer! We believe in trying new things and we do not fear the unknown. In fact, it gives us a high! Poorvi has been on a roller coaster ride of the corporate world for several years and has now taken a break from work to catch up on fun and adventure! She has tried her hand at several activities like acting (theatre), painting, horse riding, music, dancing, volunteering and a lot more. Having lived in Chennai, New York, Bombay and Bangalore, she feels at home at any place and has learned to make friends even with the unfriendliest! Raffi is forever on his toes and squeezes in as much fun as possible into his life. People imagine techies to be geeks and nerds, but despite being a hard core techie for a decade, he loves to ride horses and is a complete package from cooking to wheeling. He is a passionate trekker, ardent photographer, inveterate wheeler, experimental cook, amateur equestrian rider, and a compulsive health freak!