Our Introduction

We are a crazy, loony, yet daring couple, who met nine years ago, started dating six years ago and got married a year and a half ago. While Sumi is mad about rock (Cobain is her first love and Janis her style icon), I have been caught on candid camera singing to the tune of “teri aur” from Singh is King. She loves the hills and I am learning to dive. She LIVES on Godiva chocolates and I can’t do without desi ghee ke paranthe. I am on the rungs of the corporate ladder as Business Consultant at Accenture and Sumi has quit her job as a Senior Software Engineer at a leading software company to search for her calling (drums? graphic designing? environmental researcher?). Together, we are ALWAYS on the look-out for change and adventure! We spell fun, confusion, madness and melodrama. Together we have traveled across continents and several states in India. We are looking forward to joining yet another travel expedition; maybe she will finally find her calling on the path to nowhere!