Our Introduction

********* WE ARE HERE TO WIN !!! ********* Chetan & Me , both are from Mumbai. We got married in 1991 and are blessed with two lovely Daughters. As a young girl I have had a chance to travel to USA for International Dance Festival held at Milwaukee. I have also directed & participated in many folk dance shows & competitions. After Graduation I did my diploma in Computer Programming from ICIM & NIIT while working with a Corporate House. Chetan along with his graduation studies did Part Time Commercial Photography. After finishing his Foundation Course at Indo American Society and The PSI (Photographic Society of India). He also studied Advanced Photography at Mitter Bedi’s Studios. After marriage with more reasons to DREAM than DOUBT, both of us started working together in our business as Marketing Consultants. Chetan is a Consultant President with Hindustan Unilever Network – A Network Division of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Thanks to the nature of our business we got many opportunities to travel all over India. We enjoy our trips by converting them into Business Cum Pleasure Tours. Due to Chetan’s Passion about cars & SELF DRIVING we almost always Travel by Road. be it for business or family vacations. We have had many chances to discover exotic locations not frequented by many tourists. We Breath, Drink & Eat Road Travel & it is complemented by Photography - Chetan’s another Passion. We think GDC is an amazing concept we have always dreamt of winning a competition almost exactly identical to the GDC. We now believe our dream is about to come true. “Life is a Journey and we are all Travelers, nobody knows who will travel how far and long for it is HE (GOD) who decides it. We are happy that HE made us Partners of this Life.”