Our Travelogue

Our passion for traveling also, co-incidentally started immediately after our marriage. Our desire to travel has taken us to varied locations in India & Abroad. From Magical Mountains to Symphony of Sun & Sand, Exotic Gardens, to Ancient Sculpted Divine Temples, to Shrills of Wild Life Reserves, to Extreme Deserts we have tried it all. Traveling simply Rejuvenates us. 18 years of our shared life can be described in one word “TRAVELOTHON” ********* We went on a Honeymoon to Bangalore, Mysore, Ooty & Kodaikanal. From one of the most happening cities of India to awe-inspiring views of Vrindaavan Gardens. We also experienced few anxious moments in the wilderness of Madumalai Wild Life Sanctuary. We formed an opinion that Ooty is the most picturesque hill station, until we reached Kodaikanal. A long journey by road with apprx 36 hairpin bends while climbing down and almost 70 hairpin bends while climbing up towards Kodai... ********* Other gratifying memories are of locations in Gujarat. Lothal an excavated site of Harrapan era civilisation, Sun Temple at Modhera, “Adalaj Ni Vaav” – which is a step well. Nal Sarovar where we watched migratory birds from across the world in early hours of Dawn, the flight of the flock of Flamingos at same moment was a breathtaking experience. Our next location was Forest of Gir. This UNFORGETABLE TOUR had to end in a week, where we Self Drove the same. ********* Our hectic schedules do not give us chance to spend a lot of time with each other and children but “we believe traveling long distance by road is the best way to give Quality Time to Family”. We prefer to SELF DRIVE only. Not to forget the thrills of traveling like touching the countryside watching the peasants work in the field, the shepherd grazing cattle, the green fields flowing in breeze etc. We along with our 2 daughters Mitalee & Nishi have been to such innumerable long distance trips; our favourite drive is Mumbai to Goa. All our journeys have fond memories. A few special ones include journey from Mumbai to Udaipur – Nathdwara (Pilgrimage) in 18 hours stretch not once but 9 times till now. We also have some Challenging & Unforgettable memories of Driving long distances. Once we drove at a stretch (only 5 hour break) from Mumbai to Delhi in December month. We were driving in the extreme weather of -3`C through the dessert of Rajasthan at night. Another most challenging Driving experience we had was from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in very very heavy rains, when the visibility was barely 10-15 feet only. We were driving our loyal family car 1964 Ambassador …without Fog Lamps. Chetan’s Driving Expertise and my Navigation support along with GOD’s blessings we reached home safely. In April 2009 on one of our business trips we drove to Indore, next day to Bhopal where we attended a meeting returned back to Mumbai the same day – journey of 1000 kms .We have also traveled in our Toyota Corolla from Mumbai to Kolhapur to Hubli to Belgaum to Bangalore and back to Mumbai. This was just a Glimpse of our Self Driven Travel experiences. ********* Further we have traveled to following places in India - Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Khajuraho*/* - Hyderabad/*/ - Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Mathura, Chandigarh*/* - Mahabaleshwar*/* - Matheran*/* - Kolkata, Gangtok*/* - Bhubaneshwar*/* ********* Our TRAVELOTHON experience entered even more enriching phase when both of us traveled first time together to Switzerland in year 2003. It was not easy to believe that we were in a new country, because throughout the bus journey from Zurich airport to Interlaken, we got into the figment of the imagination that we are looking at a picture postcard. The scenic view from bus window literally took our breath away. Expedition to the Top of Europe – Jungfrau was another excursion that captivated our souls. The most memorable most romantic tour we have ever had. ********* What followed in the years to come were tours to the Perfection of German Autobahns, to the flower filled landscapes of Netherlands. Visiting Kukenhof- Tulip Garden in Amsterdam was like experiencing Eden on Earth... ********* The Golden beaches of Australia. The exhilaration of rides in the amusement parks. ********* Architectural Ultima - Italy. ********* Cruising around islands near Singapore, Parachuting in Skies and Coral watching in deep seas under water... Feeding the Tiger cubs in Safari Park in Bangkok. Walking on the suspension bridge at Langkawi. ********* Driving to sandy desert safari and shopping at gigantic malls in Dubai. Not to miss the shrills we had visiting one of the best preserved wild life reserve of South Africa. ********* Our Journeys have not only given us immense pleasures of traveling they gave us a chance to meet people of different cultures, Professions & skills. It has been a learning experience. While touring we not only explored many places, we have also discovered our true selves. ********* We also love to travel with friends and colleagues the more the merrier. We have traveled across the globe to following coutries. Please follow our Photographs on our travel blog. - USA, Canada - Nepal - Switzerland - UK - Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Australia - South Africa - Mauritius - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Dubai We enjoyed every bit of this too a vast different experience in some ways more comfortable. But our first preference will always remain traveling in India exploring the the bountiful Nature’s gift we have got in our very own country….. still miles & miles to go …. INDIA ROCKS !!!!