We are the best candidates because..

Frankly, no we cant tag ourselves as THE BEST just because we are out on such adventure couple trip for the first time, but its gonna be fun am sure of that, may be, I am looking forward to it as a good biggest gift to VIBHA after our marraige, a small gesture from my side to show, still today I love her as deepely as the first day I proposed her. But, we do have the good senses to know mother nature. The dew smell mixed with dry soil of the farm in the wee hours of the dawn. The moisture laden breeze touching your dry face near the water fall. The freshness of eyes on the fall of first sun ray in the morning. The deep orange colour of twilight, or the soothing moon light in the tired night. One only has to feel it and experience it as we do,,,,, no wonder, we also know how well to treasure such rare moments of mother nature for you all guys. We all admire the beauty of the Nature, its only when we are TOO OCCUPIED with our daily chores we seldom pay any attention to such miracles happening around us. Though during my tours on business, I have tried to catch some small but thrilling miracles of nature, the color of setting sun is the most that attracts me and my wife and am hopeful so will to you all.