Our Travelogue

OUR FAMLY TRIP TO KASMIR.... The ultimate HEAVENLY PLACE on this planet. The valleys and snow falls were just awesome. When first I shared my view with my wife for a trip to KASHMIR, she was a bit reluctant, as knowing the tension prevailing in those years in that region. But I was lucky to convince her that, as all are definite to die one day, why not in the ultimate heaven.............. after all,,,, we all wish to have HEAVEN at the end of the day..... but GOD BLESS, we were safely delivered and nothing untoward happen. In fact we had the courage and experience which helped almost more than dozen of couples to thrive their wish to witness the ultimate heavenly place ot GOD ABODE. The sojourn was so fantastic, after three long years the memories of that trip still persist as just yesterday's trip. The people of KASHMIR were so friendly, and suffice to say, our armed forces are doing marvellous job. Hatts off to them,,,,. If given a chance LEH - LADAKH is the place am sure, will snatch the breathe underneath nose....... The second best journey was the frst trip together, to GOA. No wonder , it could be the best trip for any newly wed couple, but am sure, ours was a kinda different. SOUTH and NORTH Goa, full on bike, wow, now that was a sport and that too, in dripping waters of July - August monsoon, i clearly remember, when we were nearing our last phase of trip which was on SOUTH goa, the rains were at their peak and it was the last phase of approximately, two and half hour drive at a stretch, when reaching hotel I litreally had my finger joints jammed, as those were totally exposed to the rain and cold monsoon breeze. But all in all, it was pure fun,