Our Travelogue

My passion for driving was greatly fueled by my dad's experience and from childhood I have been greatly addicted to road trips. Some of my most memorable road trips had been during my early years when the roads in India were mostly single roads, however not with the quantum of traffic that we are witness to nowadays. I have driven in a Premier Padmini (FIAT) on ordinary nylon tyres in the forests of Bhadrachalam in the middle of the night almost 24 years ago and that experience opened my mind to the endless possibilities of exploring the awesome natural beauties that our country has to offer and ever since I have been an ambassador for road travel within my circle of friends. Even in the peak of the Veerappan saga my friends and I have made innumerable roads trips into the jungles of Satyamangalam and Thalavadi just to explore the forests and the mountains and understand the wildlife there. Now as a family we travel regularly into the Nilgiris and BR Ranga jungles in south India. Before moving to Mumbai we were in Chennai and then in the Nilgiris and have made road trips regularly to Hyderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Mysore and Thalavadi. After moving to Mumbai, we have driven to Kerala, Ooty, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Vizag. We love to explore as much as possible by road trips in India. Traveling by day and resting by night, we try to cover all kinds of terrains from mountains to forests, cities beaches etc. We have so many fantastic views of mother nature and also not so pleasant sights (when people tend to break the rules). We have done our best to help people in distress on all our trips and on a few occasions have made some life saving rescues of people trapped in accidents. Our first choice is however, wild life. The pace at which globalization is happening and forests are dwindling, we would like our daughter to see as much as possible and want to educate her on the importance of conservation and also on how to live a greener life.