Our Travelogue

We have driven extensively across the North Indian Hill Stations and National Parks ranging from Mussoorie, Almora, Hrishikesh, Shimla, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and Jim Corbett National Park to name a few. One of the most exciting trips we recall is the one we took to Sariska which is a Wildlife Sanctuary near Alwar in Rajasthan. Its around 250 Kms from Delhi and reaching the lake palace after sundown through wild winding roads had a unique thrill attached to it. Though we did not spot any tigers it was fun to paddle boat on the lake and trek to a small Hanuman Temple on top of a hill in the middle of the jungle. The best part was that there was no mobile network in the vicinity at that time (not sure if it's any better now) and we didn't have to bother about charging our phones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Another instance we can never forget is the Diwali of 2006. Shweta had gone to her hometown, Almora (350 Kms from Delhi) for the festival. We desperately wanted to be together that Diwali but circumstances wouldn't allow us to. One day before Diwali, around midnight, I decided that I had to be with her on Diwali day, at least, and set off for Almora. (Celine Dion wouldn't stop singing "I drove all night", all night, on the stereo). Shweta was rather shocked than surprised to see me the next morning and a bit worried too as I had to drive back the same day to join office the very next day. We had the best date ever that afternoon and after a few hours of rest I set off late in the afternoon to reach Delhi around midnight. By far that has remained the most memorable Diwali for both of us. Love makes you do crazy things, doesn't it? In my case, it made me drive 700 Kms in 24 hrs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plenty of such impromptu trips ensued and many such experiences followed. We still cherish the memories and have captured a few in form of photographs and memorabilia collected from the places visited. For us the journey never ends..........!!!