Our Travel Plan

We are looking forward for this, though it looks tough coz its all about the voting! I thought adventure sports and driving challenge required other abilities such as physical ability and skills. I am great at clicking photographs, but its a contest and every contest has rules! But here it's all about spamming (coz that's what i see other's doing) as we need Votes to get qualified :( we have started pretty late, but who knows, we could be the lucky 9, in fact we would rather be the lucky 1! As per our plan, even though we have been to goa 3 times till now, still undoubtly its our favourite place, and we thought that if it has to be someplace,it would rather be Goa! The best thing about goa is to drive, drive and keep driving, u just can't get bored, look out for a new place and discover hidden beaches!. That's the reason that you will not see many pics of ours in Goa, coz it's one place where u can be on the beach the entire day, doing nothing but still having the best time of ur life! The plan is simple, we will take a route close to the sea, and cover out all the place which are NOT in the map, yes, whats da fun of going to the places which are already talked about, its always fun and wild to discover, the hidden treasures! And that's exactly what we will do, upload pics and videos of places that very few people have seen and walked, and yes, such places do exist in GOA! This