Our Travelogue

We go where moments take us..but there is one more thing we also know. There are just two places on Earth...The places we have been to and the places we will go to....Hee hee..yaa we know this sounds too cheezy and Trade mark Hindi movie type but honestly ,cant help it. From highways to off roads, From deserts to muds we have done it all. If It has wheels we can take it where ever we want to. And if wheels cant take me there well there have to be other options. During the daily routine we suffocate your soul suppress our wants , we drain your lifeblood end in the breathing darkness called work and schedule and when we disappear, there is no return. Thus breaking through on the other side we have traveled alot. Although we never could go on a get away together but on numerous occasions we go on drive outs from like our city to 100-150 Kms just for kicks. All we need is fuel and a camera and man! we are the happiest people on planet Earth. More over we have individual destinations under our belts as well. Covering almost every direction in India.