Our Travelogue

We love driving, well beleive it or not I have driven 50000 kms within my city itself in a period of 2 years, so as my partner who lives in a four wheeler, when she is not working. We have travelled in all kinds of four and two wheelers from a cycle to a enfield bullet from a tractor to a bus and metro and from an elephant to an aeroplane. We have travelled and trekked the himalayas on foot and driving from Pune to Ahmedbad to Delhi to Hydrebad to Goa. I have personally travelled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir and Mizoram to Kutch on trains, toy trains, buses and all possible roadways, including weird experience of travelling on top of trains( Mizoram) and on top of buses( Manali).We have travelled the entire North America alone and little bit of Europe and Indonesia, Baharain and Qatar. We love to enjoy the nature and dig on exciting cuisines on the way and explore various new places of interest and meet people from various ethinic community and collect information.In short we have wheels on our feet!