Our Travelogue

What does one do when suddenly you find that you've cleared all the work and there's nothing (major) in sight for another week or two? What does one do when you haven't made any plans to capitalise on this sudden but much welcome free time? We just packed our bag, borrowed a Lonely Planet india edition from my sis-in-law and headed out South. No planning, no pre-decided stops. Just a plan to go with the flow. Wasn't even sure how far we wanted to go.The only serious decision was NO DRIVING AT NIGHT! The other smart thing that we did - a complete check of the car (the poor baby was completing her 5th birthday) & changed the headlights and all the tyres! After a rather ferocious buying of supplies (Gatorade and lotsa chocolates - Perk & Five Star & bananas - didn't want to have meals while driving!) the journey started...first Goa then Karwar then Mangalore, then Calicut, Kochi, Quilon and then Trivandrum! And back the same way with a 3 day stop-over in Paolem, to meet up with some old friends - Kings and Smirnoff! Phew! It was good fun and a great break...just writing about it, makes us wanna do it all over again! This trip was special in many ways but what really stood out was the complete UNPLANNED trip...letting the body and the car decide how far we could go!