We are the best candidates because..

*We Drive: Driving is our love, and we don"t loose an opportunity to be behind wheels...be it work or holidays... *We Explore: Being architects, driving to new places gives us opportunities to observe settlements, vernacular architecture, people, language etc... *We Capture: We have done several Photographic as well as measure drawing documentations of monuments, Vernacular architecture, Exhibitions, Routes and topography as a part of our interests.... *We've done it: We have driven individually and together, on highways, exploring India at the first chance... We have cumulatively covered about 40,000 km over last three years and I am literally behind wheels for almost 4 months in a year... *We like it: The crux is... we love driving..... we have been doing it for last 18 years and we will continue for rest of our lives.... no matter what.... *The car is right: When Mitsubishi first came to India, for many of us it became the symbol of class, finish and power, a desire... Apart from other reasons, we would like to join in as Mitsubishi is the car that has lived in our heads as our idea of a 'must have' car.... And of course, we have been planning on doing exactly this anyway!