Our Introduction

Hi, I am Girish from Mangalore and my friend Purvi is from Ahmedabad/ Baroda. We are architects by profession.We studied in the same college and despite all differences we have as friends, we are bound by our passions for roughing out. We love adventure, exploring, travelling, discovering... What has kept us in connection despite our locations is our passion for riding and driving over 18 years. We both love to do experimental cooking, read, watch movies, meet new people, be forever mesmerized with searching unknown... She is an appreciated salad and wine maker. She is also a writer, critic and researcher. Keeps a diary hendy, even when on the move. She loves walking up the mountains and star-gazing. Apart from architecture and furniture design, I love to modify Royal Enfield's, Love photography, Cook, Paint & off late have started to dabble with writings etc etc.