Our Introduction

Manasi: umm...now this is the toughest part. what do we write here??? Aseem: whats so difficult? I can write pages and pages about ... me!! haha. no seriously, whats so difficult? A: I am a total adrenaline junkie... M: or so you think :P A: Well I do take off on my bike every chance I get, and a ride to Ladakh definitely counts. Whats your story? M: Me? I am a sweet, sensitive homely girl... A: Yeah right! M: Ok. So what if film making and being an activist make the homely part an exaggeration... I am still sweet. And I'll add spunky, adventurous, experimentalist... A: are you sure that is even a word? !! M: I mean I'm always on the look out for new experiences and love dancing, origami and books. A: Give me a book and i'll most probably sketch or paint on it. I'm a complete outdoor soul, a trekker, badminton player, percussionist, movie critic and yeah...a professional bathroom singer. M: Do we need any more things? A: Just the votes.... ;-)