Our Travelogue

A "drive for exploration" had always had Santosh and myself eager to get onto the roads. Our cameras in boot, we set out. Santosh has been actively involved in off-roading events in Karnataka. Off the many places that he has explored on the roads, Coorg, Harihareshwar, Ooty, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal remain his favorites. The drive to Coorg was the most eventful. Took to the roads in August, the weather ensure the drive was most thrilling. Among the jungles and coffee estate, made our own roads, moving through river into slush, sloping n slippery downs, successfully conquering the western ghats. Off the many times that I have hit the roads - my first ride to Goa on a Royal Enfield and exploring all of North Island (New Zealand) by road in a Toyota Sprinter remain my best memories. You set off from Mumbai, and hit Panvel and then onto the Mumbai Goa highway. Somewhere into the journey, you meet with a river, and she doesn't leave your side for the longest time, meandering around the mountainous terrain, ensuring she has her eye one you. This was January, the weather splendid. New Zealand was spectacular. Rotorua, Cape Reinga, Bay of Islands, Taupo, 90 Mile Beach, Coromandel Coast.. all breathtaking. The journey has you constantly surrounded by the most picturesque landscapes, straight out of a fairy tale. Just makes you want to stay on the road, indefinitely!!! This will be the longest trip Santosh and I will take, but with the route plotted, will be OUR BEST!!!!