Our Introduction

On our honeymoon, Vibha and I camped in our two-man tent in the Tierra del Fuego Park in southern Argentina. Freezing like you wouldn't believe. One morning, Vibha stumbled out for a shower. Turned on the water. Icy spindles emerged from the shower, and showed no signs of stopping. She waited for it to turn warm. More spindles. When her fingernails started to turn blue, she finally decided to seek help. Outside, some young women brushing their teeth. "You speak English?" asked Vibha. "Sure", said one, in a decidedly Texan accent. "Oh good!" said Vibha. "How long have you been here?" "Six days, great place!" "Oh good!", said Vibha again. "Then you can tell me, how do I get warm water from the shower? "Oh, we don't know!" said the lady. "We haven't had baths yet!" So you know, we settled in Bombay. V teaches French. I write. We have baths. Surabhi and Sahir, our kids, are the lights of our lives.