Our Introduction

I tell stories for a living. A conjurer of fantasy, of uncharted places, journeys, people and situations. All this comes easy to me. My reality started resembling tales of travel at an age where most remember cozy days spent under watchful scrutiny and loving care. Living out of a suitcase never was and is not an idle vacation for me. It is my way of life; my joie de vivre. I don’t tire of it, and I doubt I ever will. My partner, Riddhi Parekh is what you may call a workaholic dreamer. Born and bought up in Mumbai, she is perennially surrounded with photographs, curios, designs and artifacts. A professional photographer herself, travel is more than just commune to her. Behind all that she does and does not, lies a veiled desire to go out and conquer a world for herself - a world where skies are blue and roads are never-ending. She describes herself the best in the words of Benjamin Disraeli – “I have seen more than I remember, and I remember more than I have seen”.