Our Introduction

We're a 'would be couple' from Delhi looking forward to tying the nuptial knot by the end of this year. I've recently completed my MBA after working for about 6 years post-Engineering and am currently on the lookout for a job and Kavita works as a freelance designer for fashion and textiles. She has currently decided that the place chosen to complete this write-up isn't really most suited for the same. Wonder whether it's the proximity to India gate or the 200 or so birds that surround the car (feeding off of some Indian snacks that an elderly uncle just threw for them) or even the music and acoustics offered by the interiors of this 15 year old Maruti! Only moving from the earlier spot and parking the car again (now facing India Gate, 4 dustbins in view, a riot control vehicle in the background and an oldie doing his early morning stretches) convinces her.