Our Introduction

SM: Praveen, like any other man, is from the planet Mars (simply because there isn't a planet called 'Cars') and like few other men, is extremely chivalrous. I can already see him opening the Cedia door for me (A man apparently does that only if either the car or the lady is new - we have been together for seven years now ;) PJ: I obviously have to be the sensible one, so here's the not-so-brief intro. There i was, a mild Malayali boy studying Medicine when this wild Haryanvi kudi crashed into my life. Swati learned to drive in a Gypsy and it shows! 7 cars and 4 bikes (the RD 350 and the Thunderbird, et al) later, our combined odometer is racing towards 200000 kms. Between periodically disappearing on long drives and rides, the MBBS degrees gave us the opportunity to serve at some of the premier hospitals in South India. Our last stint was a voluntary one at a village near Pune and we're currently applying for our post-graduation.