Our Travelogue

Spending three decades on a bicycle/ motorbike/ train/ plane/ motorcar/ and my feet has made me stoically endure a life of chronic wanderlust! My fondest travel experience was the month-long period in 2008 when i had the privilege to go camping and off-roading in a Ford Wrangler/ KTM 450 as Rally Doctor with a group of professional international rallyists. Not that she needed any encouragement, but once the travel bug bit Swati, our lifestyle almost seemed to border on nomadic.. As various kith and kin may shudderingly recall, we are ever ready to travel and then insist on an audience to share stories with;) On compiling a rough list we're pleasantly surprised to find that between the two of us we've experienced 20 States and 3 UTs in India. The blanks will hopefully be filled soon- with a little help from our friends! Our travelogue extends to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, and France, but India is truly incredible. Recent excursions include a vineyard tour in the Nashik valley and white water rafting in Dandeli, with memorable drives on both occasions. To misquote a popular ad "Next is Where?"