Our Travelogue

Our daredevil venturesome nature has taken us to many places. Whether it is a metropolitan city, a rural village, or a tourist place we have never packed our bags for return without an adrenaline kicking escapade, come hell or high water - it could be camping, trekking, hitch-hiking, water sports or even racing/rallying for that matter. The kind of places we have travelled to and would prefer to visit for that kick in life are Pirotan island, Hinglodgadh, Masdha, Northern tip of Goa, Malvan, Bordi, Shivpuri, Auli, Cochin, Pataya, the Aravali and Himalayan ranges, Sasangir, and the list could go on... We have a bizarre fondness of exploring less talked about and unknown places in the outskirts of any given metropolitan. Sundays mostly are dedicated to such activities. For such thrills we usually don't have a plan of action - its all about following the intuitions, hopping-on to a cruiser and leaving all the gadgets behind even mobile phones for that matter. On the other hand, sometimes we travel with our shepherd dog, trusting his nose for directions ;) We like to get away from the madding crowd to places with silent cores and paradise to treks or driveway vistas. Destinations with colour-mad passages of thrill and adventure have been mesmerizing us since 4 years now. Travelling is not just about adventure for us... we like earmarking camp sites and night halts too.