Our Introduction

I work in the financial sector and Rohit works in a completely different line – media! We complement each other, I’m the planner, he’s the executor, I’m a little more reserved than he is, he’s a social butterfly, I need a plan, he’ll go with the flow. He’s completely touristy and loves being in the picture and clicking pictures. I love taking his pictures! I love my books; he loves his scale model planes. He loves telling stories, and about the littlest things too! Considering the contrasts, we form a well balanced team! We have a lot in common though, which is why we got married! Since we both love to drive, it's easy to just get in the car and set off! If the roads are better, it's even more of a pleasure, and so one of the first things we decided ( when we got married 1 1/2 years ago ) is that we would indulge in a lot of travelling and it’s something we’ve done – be it shorter driving trips, long driving trips ( around 1600 kms ), or just getting on a train or a flight and getting out of the city! Not to mention our Firefox cycles which we take out on the weekends to go exploring the surrounding neighborhoods! Our shared passion for the color red is evident from our red car, red bike, red cycles and a lot of red in our wardrobe! Rohit is an avid blogger and has been blogging since 2006.