Our Travelogue

To be very honest, we have never traveled together in India. I had traveled extensively in South India while I was a resident there but over the last 2 years, we have traveled to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. The biggest attraction while we travel has always been the local culinary delights and their origins. We do make it a point to drive with a local guide, so as to explore places that are not only touristy but also ancient cultural spots. From the ancient royal ruins and the dirty duck diners / paddy fields in Bali to the volcanic expedition (on horseback) in Tagaytay, Philippines - we have captured fantastic moments on camera. We are very excited about our next trip which is going to be a 2 day trek to the summit of Mt Kinabalu, which is a semi-active volcano in Malaysia. Individually, we have traveled to few countries as well. I've done wildlife treks in Vietnam across the mountains and lakes in Dalat; have also traveled individually to Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. Klara is very well traveled and has visited nearly 35+ countries in the world over the years across Australia, Asia, Europe, America and Africa. Her adventurous experiences include scuba diving in Vanuatu, sky diving in Australia and trekking the High Atlas mountain in Morocco.