We are the best candidates because..

We are best candidates because this is our passion to tour and drive a lot. I like driving so much and am so much passionate about it that I taught driving to many of my fellows even before I myself started driving and I didn’t need a single day’s driving for learning. I drove to even most difficult territories of North Eastern India which is full of mountains and, of course, natural beauty. Driving is a big fun for me. Many times I drove my colleagues’ vehicles voluntarily (acted as drivers for them) who didn’t feel at ease while driving. What we feel is that everything has got unique beauty of its own, be it hills, plains, deserts or beaches. And we toured to all of these places a lot which include mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, beaches of Bengal, Kerala and Tamilnadu and plains of north, central and west India. Besides India we went on long drives abroad also, especially in UK where we went all the way from south in England to north in Scotland. So please vote for us. It will help us meet more of our countrymen, see more of our wonderful country and cultures and add one more memorable experience to our account.