Our Introduction

Hi, we are Sumita and Himanshu Dubey from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. We met each other 16 years back when both of us joined the same organisation in Assam, and became friends. Though we are from different fields, Sumita- software professional and myself a chemical engineer, we remained friends even after her leaving the organisation after 2 years to join Tata Consultancy Services. And finally we got married eight years back. We are blessed with a son who is 7 years old now. After serving for 16 years in Assam, I quit my job a couple of months back to be with my family in Lucknow. Both of us love driving and travelling a lot; Sumita as manager (planning bit) + GPS and myself managing the steering. Meeting people, seeing places and photography are our passion cum hobby. And this led us to own one Olympus automatic, one Nikon SLR and one SONY handycam.