Our Introduction

We are the Uttams- Saurab & Divya. We share the same thought school for a few beliefs like- no movie is complete without popcorn, no life is complete without exploring and no traveling without driving. We both are into social media marketing. Divya works with 20:20 Media, as their senior digital pr executive. She runs a community of over 3500+ people at http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/Fame/ and is very active networker in linkedIn, facebook, and twitter. Her connections include some of the famous Social Media personalities, and is personally known and followed by a large fan following for her blog. Recently, she played a big part in the marketing of social media event by her company. We consider "Great Driving Challenge" as a good platform to launch our very own http://www.secret.travel website, which will cover destinations distilled to their cores- from cultures to cuisines, from roads to rides and from scenery to the secrets attractions, from the view of a true traveler . Internet is our bread and butter. Coming to food, we are total foodies,(he a hard core non-vegetarian and she does not eat animals(dead or alive)). JBL’s & rockford fosgate enthusiasts, you will find loads of CDs in the glove compartment of our car. Travelling on straight expressways with a heart throbbing speed of 150KMPH to narrow trails of Goa in the late night hours, arguing on which next turn to take or restaurant to try, which sometimes turns into the lone dhaba we crossed for next 100 kms, we have similar adventure questions, yet points of settlement so different. We, the unplanned travellers, unleash the scenic beauty, meeting local people of country villages, feeding their stray dogs or trying their food and sometimes looking for accommodation to spend that dark stormy night and all driving our josh machine. Driving for us means being a predator and ruling roads with our passion of adventure. We love long drives into the late night, weekend night haults in never heard of place, dancing in the lone beaches, pondering under stars, bonfire in winter and cool bear bottles in summer with grilled delicacies and aroma of charcoal is what make us just say GO..!