Our Travelogue

We have been traveling across India and some destinations abroad (Read that only India). Together- 1) Hyderabad- Saurabh loved the Chicken Biryani there :) and Divya hated the Paani Puri. One funny incident that reoccurred with us was when we asked for directions. Remember whenever you ask a Hyderabad Local, never go with the right or left he says, but with the right or left he points out, because they always say turn right and point towards left. So who-so-ever is reading this know where to take a turn now. 2) Goa- Saurabh loved the prawns and the beer and Divya the beaches and fruit salads. You can find lovely sandy beaches in both south and north Goa. But life seems to be living in North, and tranquility in South. Don't forget to visit Palolem Beach. Its awesome! 3) Pune- Visited Pune for the Blogging Bar Camp. Beware of the auto rates. They will charge you Rs. 100 for the next street. Yes, we spent a fortune on them, poor us did not take our car here. Restaurants are jam packed, almost always. Divya always cribs of the sweet sambhar she had to eat whenever she has South Indian now 4) Jammu Kashmir- Indian Switzerland as they call it, a place where we got snow sick. A seven day trip in our friend's zen, got his car snow logged. Check the pick in our flickr account. 5) Kullu Manali- What an experience with white water rafting. Enjoyed it on the water and in the water. Saurabh fell of the raft before we even started. He He. Another cool place to visit is Hidimba Temple, there. You can actually find Animal Skulls hanging outside the temple. 6) Vijayawada- Had a nice river cruise in Krishna with local troop show on board. It was the Friendships day, and for us a Romantic Getaway from home. Divya just got nostalgic. Ok, the list can go on and on, with our experiences in Lucknow, Mathura-Brindawan, Jaipur, Mumbai and Bangalore, Chirala, Machlipatnam. Alone Divya has almost covered all north Indian Hill Stations including Musoorie, Nainital, Shimla, Dalhousie. She has traveled from Jodhpur in the West to Burma Border in the east. She remembers her trip to Imphal the most. But, she met with a tragedy again. Her camera was lost while coming back. Poor girl lost all her pictures, now wishes to visit the EAST once again. JIm Corbett is another of her favorites. Alone Saurabh has Safaried a lot. Kanha Kaisly, Rewa forests, Gomarda reserve forest, Bandhavgarh are his favorites. He is a big time Bhakt of Vaishnodevi. He has visited Dams like Nagarjuna and Bakhra nangal. Other places he visited are Pachmarhi, Shivkohri, Amritsar, Jamshedpur and Calcutta.